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I founded a successful consultancy to diversify my experience and work with a wider variety of sectors, by providing stand-alone consultancy and leading consortium projects that brought together boutique agencies. Services included: marketing and brand strategy, campaign planning and implementation, with a bias towards digital and social media projects.

The Children's Society 

Brief: To rebrand The Children’s Society with a new vision, mission, values, behaviours, core thought “Hard Truths”, with a new award-winning visual identity to express it. 

Result: The organisation increased 16 points up the charity brand index over 3 years and the brand won key awards including: Third Sector Rebrand of the Year (Highly Recommended).

British Board of Film Classification

Brief: Review the BBfC's external communications, with a follow up brief to develop their digital strategy. 

Result: Increased web traffic by 100% (unique visitors), and  Twitter followers by 960%

BBfC refreshed literature
Borish Johnson launching Team London

Team London 

Brief: To develop a brand for the LDAs volunteering programme to support the capital during the 2012 Olympics, and develop the marketing plan to launch it, to recruit volunteers and maintain high levels of engagement during the 18 months running up to the Olympics.

Result: 35,000 sign ups in 6 weeks

Joe's ice cream

Brief: Rebrand this iconic Welsh ice cream brand, brought to Wales in the 1920s and executed it across all their brand touch points i.e. packaging, point of sale, and cafes.


Results: Turnover increased by 300% during the 10 years post rebrand.

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