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Role: Head of Marketing

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I reported to the Chief Exec, and built the marketing team from 3 to 30+, I managed a budget of £7 million+ and represented the team at public meetings including scrutiny committees. I had responsibility for: business planning, integrated external comms planning, delivery of external comms plans (TV, cinema, radio, outdoor, press, print, PR, direct mail including regular mailings to 2.8 million London households, events, exhibitions. This was in addition to leading partnership working, commercial sponsorship, website development and the emerging new/social media landscape. All of this work had to be delivered within an audit compliant administration process, where the team of 35 people were delivering 50+projects a month, working across 13 policy areas, in a high pressured, high profile environment. 


Safer Travel at Night - Phase 1

About: A campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of taking an illegal mini cab - to help cut sexual assaults

Deliverables: PR launch, a cinema ad, radio ad and posters, supported with collateral at the "point of prey" e.g. cards for bouncers, post it notes in club toilets

Partners: TfL, Public Carriage Office, MET, the late night economy and women's groups

Result: Sexual assaults fell by 50% 

Awards: IPA Best Use of Small Budget (Gold), Carlton Screen Advertising Award for our public information ad

Recycle for London 

About: A top down bottom up campaign to encourage Londoners to recycle more 

Deliverables: PR, TV, radio, poster ads, local press ads, a recycling game/app and support for local authority initiatives e.g. local events

Partners: Central govt, DEFRA, WRAP, London Councils, all 33 London boroughs, the waste industry and media partners LBC and the Metro

Result: Game played 1,066,165 for 63 secs av, 67% awareness, 64% claimed behaviour change, 23% cut in waste 

Awards: Marketing Society Effectiveness Award

CABWISE - Safer Travel - Phase 2 

About: A campaign to launch a new location based taxi service called CABWISE to help women call a legal mini cab to get home safely to reduce sexual assaults by illegal cab drivers, 6 years before Uber launched 

Deliverables: PR launch, a cinema ad, radio ad and posters, supported with collateral at the "point of prey" e.g. cards for bouncers, post it notes in club toilets

Partners: TfL, Public Carriage Office, MET, the late night economy and women's groups

Result: Sexual assaults fell by another 70% in the Sept - Dec 2006, 49% awareness of the ad, 51% attitudinal shift, and 100,000 texts a year

Awards: IPA Advertising Effectiveness Award (Silver)

Home Insulation

About: A campaign to launch a new price point for subsidised home insulation to encourage people to insulate their homes

Deliverables: PR launch, TV ad, mailing to targeted London households

Partners: British Gas

Result: 10,000 leads generated, representing a 500% increase in home insulation projects in London for British Gas


7 Million Londoners 1 London

About: This campaign akin response to the 7/7 London Bombings - it brought the city together, whilst celebrating diversity as its strength. It was delivered through donated media with a value of approx £4 million

Deliverables: Outdoor posters, a cinema ad, digital ads, street banners and support activity e.g. letter franking by the Post Office, badges, window stickers 

Partners: Advertising and media industry and EDF Energy

Result: Campaign Readers Poster of the Year and shortlisted for poster of decade


About: A save water campaign to encourage Londoners to use more water responsibly. 

Deliverables: PR launch, outdoor posters, radio and digital ads, plus face to face engagement 

Partners: Thames Water

Results: 91% of Londoners recalled the ads, 66% of Londoners claimed to have changed their behaviour as a result of the ads and there was a 6 - 10% reduction in water usage at the tap during the campaign period. 

Winter Warmth Poster

Winter Warmth

About: A campaign to provide elderly Londoners with the information they needed to stay wam in London's coldest weather conditions for 30 years

Deliverables: PR launch, local ads, 518,000 thermometers mailed to people over 65, posters sent to GP's surgeries. 

Partners: British Gas, Help the Aged, NHS London, and London Councils

Results: 81% recalled receiving it, 93% kept it, 86% used it, 10% did something different because of it, NHS London estimated winter deaths fell by 6,000

Energy Efficiency Light Bulb Amnesty

Light bulb amnesty

About: A campaign to nudge more people to use EE light bulbs, by offering a light bulb amnesty where traditional light bulbs could be shaped for EE ones. 

Deliverables: PR launch, direct mail inserts in the weekend press, and  radio ads. 

Partners: British Gas and B & Q

Results: 80,000 light bulbs exchanged over 2 days, representing a saving of 40,000 tonnes of CO2, increasing footfall into B & Q by 2%. 

Kids swim free

About: A campaign in the five Olympic boroughs to encourage young people to go swimming during the half term. 

Deliverables: 250,000 fliers sent to school, leisure centres and youth clubs via local authorities, and scheme cards issued. 

Partners: Sport England, London 2012, and 5 Olympic Boroughs 

Results: 75,406 young people took part in the scheme, representing a 131% increase in participation, 52% could recall the scheme and 27% kept their swim free card

Kids Swim Free Poster

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